Lunch Box Series

Enhancing Positive Emotions

Don't have time to go to the beach? Join us for some relaxation therapy.

Quiet your mind
Soothe your psyche

Positive Emotions serve to broaden out thoughts and behaviors creating what some psychologists have called an "upward spiral of well-being."

Negative emotions, as we are all aware, contribute to a "downward spiral" which can and does affect our physiological, psychological and emotional well-being.

Please consider joining our lunch box series to learn more about the pleasant life, the engaged life and the meaningful life.

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Managing Anxiety of Financial Stressors

  • Feeling stress during these financially insecure times?
  • Feeling a sense of dread or foreboding?
  • Unable to talk about your concern over finances without bearing the additional gurden of the other person's worry?

Consider joining our lunch box series for support and guidance in managing these anxious feelings in a confidential setting.

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Manage Panic Attacks

Tired of living life "on the edge?"

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and afraid to do the things that you used to do?

Come and join our group and learn ways to manage panic and symptoms of anxiety. You will learn cognitive-behavioral techniques (what we call "tools") to stem the tide of your anxiety as well as receive group support and advice.

Groups are currently forming and will be meeting once a week for twelve weeks. Assessment, Intervention and Maintenance components will be given. Groups will be $50 per session and may likely be reimbursed by your insurance plan.

Call 908.322.9960 or email Dr. Lorraine today to register.